Hello and welcome to my Frequently asked questions ( F.A.Q. ) page.
Down bellow are some common questions and answers about me and my work. Feel free to ask everything that is not listed.

Frequently asked question F.A.Q. // Momcilo Grujic wedding photographer

· WHAT IS YOUR STYLE ?   Documentary and storytelling. I’m there but i’m not there, that’s the best description. I like to shoot with natural light, without flash as much as possible. Keeping it simple is actually very hard because I’m trying my best to catch real feelings. Authentic images filled with emotions and joy. I tend to move around you in the pose you are comfortable together as a couple with a minimum set up.

· WHERE ARE YOU ?   I’m based in Novi Sad, northern part of Serbia, but i’t not obstacle for me to travel and work in any region around ( from Subotica to Belgrade and Nis ). As i said i’m ready to reach you wherever you are worldwide.

· HOW MANY PHOTOS DO WE GET AND HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET THEM ?   It really depend because every wedding is different … hours of coverage, number of guests, type of events and so on … but approximately around 700-1000 high resolution (ready to print) retouched photos for a full day wedding coverage. Usually you’ll get photos in 4 weeks, sometimes less. Small resolution photos you’ll receive in a online private gallery and high resolution photos you will get on usb stick in box package.

· ARE OUR PHOTOS WATERMARKED ?   Nope. All images you receive (small and high resolution) do not have any watermarks. · WHERE DOES THE SESSION TAKE PLACE ? I usually ask you about that first. If there is a place where you have some nice and happy private moments together that’s the one! Where did you meet, had first coffee or walk together etc … But if you ask me I can suggest some locations away from city rush.

· WHAT KIND OF EQUIPMENT DO YOU USE ?   Is it really important to you? Because for me it’s just equipment.  I believe that best images don’t come from the latest and modern camera. To answer your question … I’ve got professional Canon gear that makes job done and several lenses, two cameras and flashes that provides me maximum quality even in very low light condition.

· WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY RETOUCH ?  I’m using professional Adobe software Lightroom and Photoshop to ensure high quality photos. My only concert is to be there next to you and document your story of that day not to make heavy retouch. However I can do some photos (up to 10). I’f you thing that you need extra retouch on some photos there is a extra cost that action. Photos in Wedding book are retouched carefully.

· DO YOU TRAVEL FOR WEDDINGS ?   YES! I’d love to close the distance and be next to you on your special day. I’m more than inspired when it comes to travel. Feel free to contact me on a private message for details and travel expenses around the globe.

· DO YOU WORK ALONE OR YOU HAVE TEAM ?   In generally I work by myself but if you think that one photographer is not enough it’s not a problem to arrange second shooter to make your day run smoothly. Also i don’t have mine own videographer but surely I can recommend. I work only with professionals.

· WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO BOOK WEDDING ?   The earlier you get in touch with me is the higher chance that i’ll be available for your special day. Due to high demands from clients, especially in the season, i can accept only limited number of weddings in a year to ensure quality service and uniqueness to each couple. Some wedding are booked year in advance and sometimes a few weeks before. So … you never know. Also, I try to respond to every inquiry within one business day.

· CAN WE BOOK JUST PORTRAIT/ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS ?   YES PLEASE! But please keep that in mind, I’m only able to do session from Monday ’till Friday (work days). It’s necessary to arrange sessions at least few weeks before, because i’ve got busy schedule during the season.

· DO YOU OFFER A WEDDING BOOK ?   Yes, and I think you will agree with me on this…Today is more possible to lose digital files from a computer than printed media. This thing will last forever. But before that I want to be sure that you are satisfied with images.

· CAN WE MEET BEFORE BOOKING ?   Of course, I love coffee. If you are close to Novi Sad, Serbia we can meet in person or we can arrange a skype and have virtual meet up as well.

· WHAT IS YOUR PRICE RANGE ?   There are several packages so for the price and more info please email me and i’ll send you full wedding brochure pdf file.

· HOW DO WE HIRE YOU ?   It’s pretty simple. First we talk than you fill out questionnaire and see if I’m available for your date. Than we meet so we can talk again and I’ll answer all of your questions. You choose one of package from a list and there is a booking fee which is non refundable 20% of selected package. After that both sides have to sigh contract which clarify date, time, payment and some information that are important for future clients.