About me

Momcilo Grujic photographyHello there It’s me, destination wedding photographer, the one you looking for. I started as a studio photographer, but my interests always leaned towards portraits and the most important day of many peoples life, weddings. I have a real passion for ensuring that my photographs become a documentary within themselves, unfolding the story of you and your special day, photo by photo. In order to accomplish this I try to fit as seamlessly,  like a guest with camera where most people do not realize where I am most of the time and capture those real emotions and moments with the most important people in your lives. I wish to create eternal memories of the laughter, tears, smiles and joy – in essence, I want to capture you.

The very first day I looked throughout the lens of camera I saw the world that I always wanted to see.  Finally had chance to freeze frames not visible to the naked eye and catch emotions from the people around us. To be honest, to me shooting a wedding isn’t a job. To me it’s just a huge party where family and friends gets together under one roof and have fun at the dance floor. My favorite thing about being wedding photographer is the connection I build with new friends and travel to some cool places worldwide.
When I’m not capturing these wonderful moments I’m just a regular family guy with camera who’s still learning, still growing and improving as an artist.
I always wondered if it was a coincidence that my father gave me my first analog camera in 1998, bought at an outdoor market, or if he saw something in me that I was too young to see. What I do remember is that it took me barely a day to use all whole roll of my first film, taking various shots of my friends. I wish I had acknowledged that night how it has felt to take photographs, but sadly it was a long time before I really came to love photographs and photography. The internet resparked my interests and at first, it was just a hobby. However it did not take very long to become my passion.